Hear Our Story

Life always has many good things, it is around us, in our three meals a day. We strive to express the beauty we discover in life through the tableware we manufacture. Unlike those superficial vases, our designs are not only concerned with their beauty but also their utility, we combine aesthetic value with everyday functionality, and we are very happy to create these novel tableware. From being unattended at the beginning to being loved by everyone now, we have experienced failures and setbacks again and again. Our success is inseparable from the customers and partners who have accompanied us all the way to the present. We sincerely express our gratitude here. Our team has also developed from a team of 4 people at the beginning to a family of more than 50 people now. We will continue to carry forward the manual design of ceramic tableware and kitchen utensils and create greater glories. Our years of experience in designing tableware has evolved into an excellent design language, and each product speaks for itself with its own design. When your eyes meet it, it whispers to you: ‘Oh, what a surprise! How happy to be favored by you, I will love you as you love me, oh no, I will love you more than you.